“I’ve learned that dreams and oppor­tu­ni­ties can come about in the most unex­pected ways. I thought I didn’t want to be a cos­me­tol­o­gist like my mother, but I dis­cov­ered I loved it: the art, the teach­ing, the busi­ness, the feel­ing I get when peo­ple tell me they feel con­fi­dent with the look I’ve given them. It’s grat­i­fy­ing and I want peo­ple to do away with mis­con­cep­tions and real­ize that cos­me­tol­ogy and bar­ber are really one of the best busi­nesses to be in with the right edu­ca­tion and the right atti­tude.” –Thu Le, Co-​founder of Jade College.

Jade Beauty and Bar­ber Col­lege was estab­lished in 2007 by founders, Thu (Evy­onne) Le and Ray­mond Tran.

Meet Mrs. Thu

It all started at the age of 10, when Thu spent her days clean­ing her mother’s salon in Viet­nam. It was her mother’s wish that Thu would one day be a cos­me­tol­o­gist like her­self, but Thu had dreams of her own: becom­ing a doc­tor. To gar­ner her mother’s sup­port, Thu agreed to first get a cos­me­tol­ogy degree. At 18, Thu did exactly that, while con­tin­u­ing to study hard to achieve her own dreams.

Meet Mr. Raymond

Born and raised in Viet­nam, and mov­ing to Cal­i­for­nia in his early 20s, Ray­mond received an asso­ciate degree in both account­ing and com­puter engi­neer­ing. As a com­puter tech­ni­cian, he would come to work for com­pa­nies like IBM (now Hitachi) and Quan­tum for 20 years. How­ever, his real dream was to one day start his own business.

The Begin­ning of Jade College:

Thu received a Cal­i­for­nia cos­me­tol­ogy license, worked part-​time at a salon, then a beauty school on the week­ends, and took classes dur­ing the week with the intent of being a doc­tor.
Ray­mond worked as a com­puter technician.

Their pri­or­i­ties changed, Ray­mond quit­ted his job because of unap­pre­ci­ated boss . He thought of doing a busi­ness. Thu was encour­ag­ing Ray­mond take Nail care pro­gram because she saw it as an oppor­tu­nity to open his own business.

Together with Raymond’s account­ing and busi­ness back­ground and Thu’s exper­tise in cos­me­tol­ogy and bar­ber, they opened Jade Beauty and Bar­ber College.

Ray­mond became the school’s prin­ci­pal and his own boss, some­thing he never would have dreamed of. Thu didn’t become a doc­tor, but she dis­cov­ered a new side to cos­me­tol­ogy she had never known before — as a busi­ness owner, instruc­tor, cos­me­tol­o­gist, and Bar­ber— and enjoyed every ounce of it. Open­ing the col­lege became a new dream in itself, and Thu and Ray­mond have never been more con­tent. That is why it is Jade College’s wish and mis­sion to make your dreams come true too.