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After grad­u­a­tion, Jade doesn’t sim­ply release their stu­dents out in the work­ing world with­out the proper tools and prepa­ra­tion nec­es­sary to suc­ceed. We make it known to our stu­dents of all job open­ings, which we’ve com­piled into a list after speak­ing directly with var­i­ous salon own­ers. The job list­ing is made acces­si­ble on our site for all Jade graduates.

Along with help­ing stu­dents find a job, Jade offers guid­ance and con­sult­ing for those look­ing to open their own salon.

When you become a part of Jade, the learn­ing and sup­port never ends. Alumni stu­dents are always wel­comed back, whether it’s for job search­ing, busi­ness advice, prac­tic­ing and improv­ing skills in the salon, tak­ing a new course, or even a friendly chat. Jade is here for you!

Why Jade Beauty and Bar­ber Col­lege is the right place for you:

It is the col­lege you should believe in.
Our Beauty and Bar­ber school yields suc­cess­ful and pas­sion­ate stu­dents who are pre­pared for the work­force because they receive fast, hands-​on train­ing by the best instruc­tors.
Our stu­dents have a State Boards pass­ing rate of 85 to 100%. We can prove that!
You will have strong careers and employ­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties upon graduation.

Wor­ried about afford­ing new training?

At Jade Col­lege, we under­stand how impor­tant it is to have the right finan­cial sup­port. That is why Jade pro­vides finan­cial aid coun­sel­ing to all inter­ested stu­dents. Decid­ing to invest in edu­ca­tion can be a dif­fi­cult choice to make, and with our expe­ri­enced Finan­cial Aid lead­ers, Jade can help stu­dents make their dreams come true.
When it comes to tuition, Jade offers schol­ar­ships for those who qualify.

Wor­ried about timing?

At Jade Col­lege, we have flex­i­ble sched­ules. We hold three classes every day on morn­ings, after­noons, and evenings, Mon­day thru Saturday.

Jade Col­lege is dif­fer­ent.
The skills taught are sim­ple, quick, and easy, while achiev­ing the best results.
Not only are stu­dents taught by many won­der­ful instruc­tors, they’re taught by co-​founder Thu Le her­self, who has great exper­tise in all trades of cos­me­tol­ogy and bar­ber­ing.
Lessons are hands-​on, with stu­dents prac­tic­ing on real cus­tomers rather than just man­nequins.
Jade Col­lege wants to help stu­dents who can’t afford school, afford it, and make their dream come true.

Fina­cial aid:

Jade Col­lege is approved by the Work­force pro­gram in the City of San Jose, which pro­vides finan­cial assis­tance to the unem­ployed. We also have an Indi­vid­ual Devel­op­ment Account (IDA) pro­gram that offers finan­cial assis­tance to low-​income stu­dents. In addi­tion to the Work­force and IDA pro­grams, there are third party loans avail­able to qual­i­fied students.

For stu­dents who do not qual­ify for fed­eral finan­cial aids, Jade offers a num­ber of flex­i­ble pay­ment option plans to fit an indi­vid­ual student’s finan­cial needs.

Jade does not cur­rently offer high school scholarships.

If you have ques­tions or want more infor­ma­tion, feel free to con­tact Jade.

Alumni ben­e­fits.

Jade Col­lege pro­vides job list­ings for stu­dents after grad­u­a­tion.
Want to start your own busi­ness? The Jade staff is happy to help by serv­ing as advi­sors for any stu­dent.
Jade offers new advance work­shops free of charge for alums that want to brush up on a skill or learn a new one.

Stu­dent salon:

At Jade Col­lege, we believe that pass­ing the State Board and receiv­ing your license makes up only 25% of your poten­tial to be the best you can be at your desired craft. The other 75% is all about skill. So when the time comes for you to per­form on a client, can you do it? At Jade, we guar­an­tee you will!

Going hand-​in-​hand with class lec­tures, Jade has an excel­lent salon for which stu­dents can put to prac­tice the skills they have learned. Super­vised and guided by sup­port­ive instruc­tors, stu­dents are able to per­form on real-​life cus­tomers through­out the pro­gram. Stu­dents also use their skills on fel­low peers, learn­ing from one another in the process.

This hands-​on approach to the pro­gram serves to famil­iar­ize stu­dents with a salon envi­ron­ment and guar­an­tees that stu­dents are practice-​ready upon graduation.

The salon isn’t just opened for cur­rent stu­dents, but for return­ing stu­dents who want to con­tinue to improve their skills, free of charge.

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