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…Before decide to choose a place for train­ing, I’ve vis­ited many other schools in the area.
About a month after my first meet­ing with Mrs. Thu and Mr. Ray­mond, the school prin­ci­pals. I decided to join them. I remem­bered Mrs. Thu ask me why do I choose to go here. My answer was very sim­ple :” because the instruc­tors at your place take good care of your stu­dents“
I started my pro­gram the week after. The train­ing sched­ule is planned sys­tem­at­i­cally between the State board require­ments and real life salon activ­i­ties. The idea behind is after the stu­dent has passed the test , received the State board license, but didn’t know how to apply in real life, then the license has no value or a waste of time and money.
The 1st week in train­ing, I felt so tired and stress­ful.
So many thoughts came through my mind. Should I quit and go back doing what I’m good at? Why chal­lenge myself for what when I’m approach­ing my 60. Why do I need to get my cosmo license? and much much more…
I accept the chal­lenge with a hope that one day I will learn a new trade and more impor­tant, I’ll enjoy doing it.
Now that I”ve been here for 4 months. Thanks to Mrs. Thu, she didn’t hide any secret and with her vast knowl­edge in this field. I enjoy the time in class as well as dur­ing the prac­tice with the real client. I’m glad I didn’t give up and I believe that the reward is just around the corner.


…I’m pur­su­ing my bar­ber edu­ca­tion. A goal I have always had. The tim­ing and school finally con­nected. Jade col­lege is where I chose because I was led to the col­lege. Other respon­si­bil­i­ties in my life are not neclected because the school helps achieve what I need. I’m able to keep ALL OF MY RESON­SI­BIL­I­TIES WHILE ATTEND­ING WHICH IS VERY IMPOR­TANT TO me and my life. The teacher Mrs. Thu is very funny and I learn a lot to future my knowl­edge too…