Is Jade Col­lege an approved school?

YES! Jade Col­lege is approved to oper­ate in Cal­i­for­nia by the Bureau of Pri­vate Post­sec­ondary and Voca­tional Edu­ca­tion (BPPVE) and the Bar­ber and Cos­me­tol­ogy Board (BBC).

What are the grad­u­a­tion requirements?

To get your Diploma or Cer­tifi­cate, you must com­plete the pro­gram hours, suc­cess­fully pass the writ­ten and prac­ti­cal exam­i­na­tions, and com­plete the required num­ber of prac­ti­cal pro­ce­dures for­mu­lated by Jade College.

Once I fin­ish the pro­gram, will I get my license?

To receive your license, you must pass an exam­i­na­tion by the State Board of Cal­i­for­nia.
Stu­dents of Jade Col­lege have a very high pass­ing rate. We help pre­pare you for the exam every step of the way. Through­out the pro­gram, we give you sev­eral exams referred to as the “baby board exam” before you take the State Board. With this prepa­ra­tion, you’ll know what to expect. For­eign stu­dents do not qual­ify for the State License unless they pos­sess a valid Social Secu­rity Number.

Tell me about the classes. What can I expect?

Our classes are excit­ing, infor­ma­tional, and diverse, rang­ing from a mul­ti­tude of top­ics. Lec­tures and live demon­stra­tions are taught and pre­sented by school instruc­tors who have more than ten to fif­teen years of expe­ri­ence. We also have guest speak­ers and incor­po­rate videos and prac­ti­cal application.

When can I start school?

Jade Col­lege has an open enroll­ment pol­icy and pro­grams are offered con­tin­u­ously. Stu­dents may begin on any Mon­day of the week. This is pos­si­ble because a new topic is cov­ered every week and the pro­gram even­tu­ally cycles itself. For instance, lets say there are four top­ics — A, B, C, and D — one for each week. A stu­dent begins on Week B. Though Week D the­o­ret­i­cally ends the pro­gram, the fol­low­ing week will start back at Week A. Please con­sult with the school’s coun­selor regard­ing spe­cific start dates.

When do I begin to work on “real people”?

You must com­plete 25% of your required pro­gram hours before you start work­ing on man­nequins, class­mates, and salon guests. For exam­ple, if your pro­gram is 1600 hours, you must first com­plete 400 hours of the pro­gram. If, how­ever, your instruc­tor deter­mines you are already at an advance level, you may start earlier.

Is there a min­i­mum age to enroll?

Yes, you must be at least 16 years of age to begin training.

Do I need to have a high school diploma?

yes, but if you don’t have one, you’ll need a GED cer­tifi­cate or be able to demon­strate the abil­ity to ben­e­fit from the train­ing by pass­ing the ATB (Abil­ity To Ben­e­fit) test offered at Jade College.

Do you offer finan­cial aid?

Yes! We have finan­cial aid avail­able for those who qual­ify, both from pri­vate and gov­ern­ment pro­grams. The finan­cial assis­tance pro­grams are very flex­i­ble and can be tai­lored to your indi­vid­ual requirements.

Will you help me find a job once I get my license?

Jade offers Place­ment Assis­tance. We will def­i­nitely help you find a posi­tion and assist you in reach­ing your career goals.

What kind of career paths could I pursue?

Once you have com­pleted your school­ing and are licensed, you will be amazed at how many career oppor­tu­ni­ties will open up for you. Within the cos­me­tol­ogy, bar­ber, nail care, skin care indus­try, the spe­cial­iza­tions are end­less. Here are some careers you could consider:

Cut­ting spe­cial­ist
chem­i­cal tex­ture spe­cial­ist
Salon trainer
Hair color spe­cial­ist
Skin care spe­cial­ist
Nail care spe­cial­ist
Prod­uct representative/​dis­trib­u­tors
Beauty and bar­ber /​Salon Instruc­tor
Salon owner

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