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Our Advanced Edu­ca­tion pro­gram is catered to those who already have a license and desire to move up to the next level with the Beauty Industry’s lead­ing edu­ca­tors. This pro­gram pro­vides you with the tools and tech­niques nec­es­sary to enhance your career, dis­cover your tal­ent, increase your income, and diver­sify your poten­tial.
The pro­gram is hands-​on, with stu­dents imme­di­ately jump­ing into the school salon and per­form­ing their art of choice (hair­cut, nails, facial, makeup, etc.). Stu­dents will be taught and super­vised by instruc­tors. Lec­tures are not required, but stu­dents have the option of attend­ing the lec­tures to brush up on theory.

* Please see our school cat­a­log for more details informations

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